choosing the less convenient, but impactful path

As I was folding our dish towels, hanging Willa’s diaper inserts and folding her cloth wipes, a thought came to mind. I don’t have to be doing any of this.

So why do you choose this inconvenient path?

We don’t have to use cloth diapers, we don’t have to wash, or clean, or strip, or sun bleach, or dry and fold and stuff. ┬áNon of this is necessary, not necessary for our survival, nor Willa’s well being. But it’s something we have chosen to do, and it’s become quite second nature.

When my mom visits she brings with her a set of paper towels, it’s then I’m reminded how easy and lovely it is to wipe up a mess and discard of it, never to think of it again. We don’t use paper towels, but old, stained, and ever reusable cloth dish towels that we wash, and fold and wash and fold and wash and fold… and repeat.

The path we chose hasn’t been easy. In fact, when I know Willa is going to poop and I just don’t want to deal with it, I throw a disposable on her. I understand convenience and choosing your battles, and I’m EVER SO GRATEFUL for easier options sometimes. ┬áSomething I’ve prided myself in is that I am open to what life has offers, to be content in my circumstances and what God places along my path.

Making impacting decisions still hold true though. I love that Rainer and I have made a decision to reduce our carbon foot print in the ways we can. Again, we are not the perfect example, but our compost heap, our organic gardening, our recycling, thrift shopping and cloth what-evering, has given me a peace.
Our choices are not necessary, not convenient, but what little we can do will impact Willa’s future, her children and her children’s children.


blossoms, blooms, beginnings.

There are times in life that every thing feels new, and strange and weird. Times where we are confused and seem out of place. May it be a first day of school, work, gym or the first day of motherhood, growing a garden, playing house.
Blossoms and beginnings is a glimpse into all the beginnings in my life.

firsts at mamahood.
firsts at nutritional counseling
firsts at trying to be a stay at home mom
firsts at growing a little business, and a BIG garden
firsts at writing a blog trying to put these all into perspective, to regroup, rethink and retry.

I will end each blog with something I learned that week/month/day.

Today: Gratitude is a magnet. The more I am grateful, the more I find things i’m to be grateful for.